Sunday, June 28, 2009

Independent Products In Store Now

Make your own felt food by Lily Bean
Mondo Cherry Greeting Cards

Thea and Sami Fishy Craft Kits - Stuffed Fish & Pencil Wrap

"My Girl" Buska Softy Friends $39.95 ea

Little Jane Street Greeting Cards

Over the past few months we have made a shift in our store and introduced an exclusive range of independent products for sale. All of these products are handmade by passionate crafty people. Some are exclusive and cannot be purchased anywhere else. One thing is for sure they are all beautiful. These are only a few items available now in store or online. We hope people support these products which in turn will result in more orders and an expansion of the idea in our store.


  1. Gorgeous! Such clever clever people in Brissie!

  2. Thank you for supporting local designers. Will visit soon to see the new stuff.

  3. How exciting Simone! I hope the new range is going well:) I will have to pop by and check it out..

  4. That felt sandwich looks good enough to eat :D


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