Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bobble Art has arrived!!

We are busting at the seams with lots of new stock.....Kate Finn dolls, spinning tops, tin tea sets, sparkly shoes, kewpies, Russian dolls, Russ, hand puppets, musical instruments, jewellery boxes, wooden cars and trucks, miniatures and dollhouse furniture and name a few. It was a struggle to find room for everything, then 8 giant boxes of Bobble Art arrived...Megan has worked wonders to fit it all in!!
Here are some pics to tempt you ;)

Always popular swimming/library bags

So many bags all different patterns and sizes

Melamine sets, this set for little ones and another with a cup bowl and plate for older kids

drawer knobs, that we have not had before...they are so cute

little jewellery boxes

Plus lots more! We are also expecting Kewpies, Erasers, Lark, Tiger Tribe and Sparkle T next week, where ever will we put it ?????


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  1. Will have to pop in soon havnt seen you all for ages. Xxxx


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